Be in control of the account

For purchases of apps and even in-app purchases, maintain control of the iTunes or Android Market password. Check your purchase history every once in a while. Be more careful of Android apps. Android has an "open" market, so many unscrupulous developers can submit apps. Apple goes through a more rigorous approval process. Sign out of your accounts when purchases are finished.

Passcode lock the device

Adding a passcode will allow you to be more aware of when your child is using the device.

Take advantage of any parental controls

The iPad can restrict access to apps that have a certain age rating, though that is not foolproof. Google for example has an "Everyone" rating, despite the potential for accessing inappropriate information. Don't just sync your entire music library, create playlists that are family friendly and sync only those. Check into parental control apps - Kid Control & Android Parent Control for Android. BOB Browser, Safe Browser, and Parent Control for Apple. Even creating folders, a kid friendly folder and a mom/dad folder can help establish guidelines on which apps are ok to use. Be aware that with some apps, once the account information is saved, the child may be able to access anything in that app. Netflix for example, is rating as a 12+ app because access to more adult materials can not be prevented. Once the account information is saved, any video can be streamed. Remember that no app is a substitute for being aware of what your child is doing.

Keep the device charged

Make sure you have an AC adapter charger for your device.

Internet access on gaming devices

On gaming devices limit internet connectivity. DSis, xBox, PS3s can all access chat functions and browse the internet. Extra purchases can also be made through these devices. Internet access can be turned off on most of these devices and require a parental passcode to turn it back on.

App Shopping

Look for review of apps or videos of apps on YouTube before purchasing. Be somewhat critical of star ratings. Anyone can place a review in the store...even people who work for the app company. While Free versions can be nice, check them for inappropriate ads before turning it over to your child.

Keep personal information private

Make sure that you are careful with apps that ask you to allow the app to access your location or any app that asks you to put in usernames and passwords or any app (like iSwifter) that you are using where you would input such information. Protect your identity.

Teachers/Librarians - Consider ditching the IWB

You can purchase 1 - 1 devices like iPads for cheaper and use apps to create a similar effect!